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Our Work

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Public Education Program

ACLU Nebraska works hard to highlight civil liberties issues in the court of public opinion. In addition to general presentations describing our mission and our work, some of the presentations are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the audience. The staff is also frequently interviewed by newspapers, radio talk shows and TV news shows.

We make public presentations to a wide variety of audiences. Among the groups we speak to are elementary school classes, high school and junior high schools, college classes, church groups, homeless shelter residents, PFLAG meetings, teacher trainings, PRIDE organizers, political groups such as the Douglas County Young Republicans, 3rd district Democrats and public service groups such as the Optimists, Kiwanis, Sierra Clubs, and Tangier Shriners.

Another way in which ACLU Nebraska advances its public education mission is to participate in coalitions where we can work in common with others who share our concern over a specific issue. We are currently involved in cooperative work with the following coalitions:

  • Pro-Choice Coalition (reproductive freedom)
  • Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (First Amendment issues)
  • Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty (capital punishment)
  • Lincoln Bill of Rights Defense Coalition (organized against the Patriot Act)

If you are interested in having an ACLU speaker at an event, contact us at (402)-476-8091 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Legal Programaclu03_vr_electionReform_jpg

ACLU Nebraska is one of the smaller ACLU affiliates, but we have gained a reputation for having a very aggressive legal advocacy program for our size. Our philosophy of legal advocacy requires that we protect individual civil liberties by providing legal counseling, representation in court or before administrative law judges, and by filing friend of the court briefs when civil liberties issues arise in cases where we are not directly involved.

Each year, ACLU Nebraska receives and responds to approximately 600 requests for assistance. ACLU Nebraska has always provided advice and referral information for those individuals we are unable to assist directly. We also resolve some complaints through informal intervention. We are now also able to provide personal legal representation on cases selected for the impact they are likely to have on the civil liberties of all Nebraskans.

To find out how Nebraskan's civil liberties are being protected, check out the KEY ISSEUS to the right.

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Support civil liberties just by going to work.

Remember ACLU Nebraska as you participate in workplace giving programs, such as the Community Services Fund.


New Website In Progress

There is a glitch that directs some users to a different website. We are sorry for any confusion. Thankfully, a new website is currently in development and should be ready before fall of 2015.

ACLU Member Card

The need has never been greater for freedom-loving people to support the ACLU. By making a gift today, you can make sure that ACLU Nebraska has the resources it needs to continue to fight for all of our freedoms. Donate now!

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