The ACLU of Nebraska works tirelessly in the halls of power, in the courts, and in the streets to protect and expand civil liberties for all Nebraskans. Because of our talented staff, dedicated board, generous supporters, and diverse partners, the ACLU of Nebraska is experiencing significant positive momentum and is truly making a difference in the lives of Nebraskans. 

While the last year was another relentless attack on civil rights and civil liberties- we persisted and achieved important progress. Behind each of these victories are brave Nebraskans who fight for their rights, our team of lawyers and policy advocates, and over 20,000 Nebraskans who support the ACLU and who are unafraid to speak truth to power.

Here are just a few recent victories that belong to you and all Nebraskans:

  • Litigated historic federal class action to address severe overcrowding and conditions of confinement in our crisis-riddled prison system.
  • Passed legislation to safeguard students rights in school police programs that disproportionately exacerbate the school to prison pipeline for students of color and students with disabilities.
  • Secured breastfeeding rights for Nebraska moms in public accommodations.
  • Kept restrictive Title X laws out of the state budget to ensure 10,000 low-income and rural Nebraskans can access family planning services at Planned Parenthood and ending gag rules preventing Nebraska doctors from referring patients for abortion care if requested.
  • Fought back voter ID for the eighth year in a row.
  • Fought back efforts to end DACA, against discriminatory housing ordinances in Scribner & Fremont, provided rapid response to O’Neill and Dakota County in support of immigrants’ rights.
  • Won free speech victories for Nebraskans facing criminal charges for peaceful expressive behavior.
  • Published the first of its kind one stop shop to empower trans Nebraskans and their allies to know their rights.
  • Won historic litigation securing ballot access for independent candidates in federal court.

I hope you will join us in this journey by becoming a member of the ACLU. My leadership over the last 5 years has established a vibrant vision and ambitious plan for the ACLU of Nebraska. Working together we will build upon the proud 50+ year history of this beloved organization and move boldly into a bright future for freedom and justice in Nebraska.

Thank you for being with us as we dare to create a more perfect union- now when its needed most- and right here in Nebraska.

In freedom and friendship,

Danielle Conrad
Executive Director