Jeff Olsufka became dehydrated and ill while doing yard work outside his home. A community member called police to check in on him.

When Wayne Police Department officers arrived, they detained Jeff long after he had regained his health.  As Jeff stood in his yard and asked to simply go inside for a glass of water, police continued to detain him and issued an ultimatum: go to the hospital at his own expense to get tested for drugs or go to jail.

Jeff went to the hospital, tested negative for drugs and was released. Though completely innocent and forced to visit the hospital, the City of Wayne has tried to stick him with the medical bill.

We have a right to live our lives free from unreasonable government intrusion. Detention without cause is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

We’re representing Jeff to vindicate his constitutional rights and to send a clear message about our right to be left alone at our home.


Adam Sipple