The above video was produced to advertise the services offered by Encartele, a Nebraska-based, for-profit company. In many Nebraska counties, the friends and family of a Nebraskan behind bars will pay outrageous prices for a 15-minute phone call.

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Those in Nebraska county jails are disporportionately poor and Black, Latino, or Native American. About half of those in county jails have not been convicted of a crime - they are waiting for their trial and are too poor to bail themselves out.

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Nebraska Lawmakers can pass LB776 to put limits on the kickbacks offered to counties and make the prices for phone calls more fair.

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Senator John McCollister, 20; Senator Roy Baker, 30; Senator Matt Hansen, 26; Senator Sara Howard, 9; Senator Rick Kolowski, 31; Senator Adam Morfeld, 46; Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, 28.





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