Last legislative session, we analyzed hundreds of new bills and sorted civil rights priorities into our top categories. As bills are introduced during this year's legislative session, we will share which bills we have identified as top priorities or top threats. As state senators face key issues, we need them to make the right choices and your advocacy can help. 


Nebraska has a prison overcrowding crisis, among the worst in the nation. What is even more alarming is the number of Nebraskans in prison that are disproportionately Black, followed closely by Latinx and Native American Nebraskans. We must keep pushing for smart justice reforms and against practices that will deepen our investment in our broken system of mass incarceration. 

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Nebraska’s youth deserve support and compassion, not “tough-on-crime” responses to misbehavior. We support legislation that protects youth and creates a system that is not punitive but transformative. 

Related legislation from 2021 that can still be debated and passed in 2022: LB330


Nebraskans are well aware of the overcrowding crisis in our prisons. Coupled with the dangers of COVID-19, it is critical that we prioritize legislation that reduces time in prison for people convicted of low-level crimes and create programs that keep our fellow Nebraskans out of an already overcrowded prison system. For those Nebraskans who remain in prison, we must support legislation that guarantees humane conditions of confinement. 

Related legislation from 2021 that can still be debated and passed in 2022: LB32LB33LB111 (oppose), LB334LB437 (oppose), LB471
LB484LB496 (oppose), LB504, LB505, LB525LB548LB559, LB620, LB624, LB636LB661 (oppose)

About this series

These lists are not exhaustive and only reflect bills we've identified as top priorities or top threats from the 2021 legislative session that have carried over into the new year. We encourage you to find your senator and tell them your priorities.

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