Last legislative session, we analyzed hundreds of new bills and sorted civil rights priorities into our top categories. As bills are introduced during this year's legislative session, we will share which bills we have identified as top priorities or top threats. As state senators face key issues, we need them to make the right choices and your advocacy can help. 


The Nebraska Legislature must end the punitive voting waiting period for system-impacted Nebraskans. Currently, Nebraskans who have been previously convicted of a felony are disenfranchised for two years after completing their sentence. We know who this hurts most. Nebraskans of color, especially Black Nebraskans, are grossly overrepresented in our prison system. As if that injustice is not bad enough, confusion around the law has worsened the situation by contributing to hundreds of Nebraskans receiving official, incorrect information on their voting rights.

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The ACLU advocates for reforms that have been demonstrated to be extremely effective at making sure all Americans who want to cast a ballot are able to do so. State senators should swiftly pass automatic voter registration and bills streamlining early voting, including one that would ease the process of requesting a ballot. We also support making Election Day a state holiday. This change would send the right message that voting is a right worth celebrating.

Related legislation from 2021 that can still be debated and passed in 2022: LB11LB577


Other good government measures include a bill affirming the public has a right to speak at open meetings and another bill prohibiting public agencies from charging members of the Nebraska Legislature fees for public records requests. Excessive fees should never be abused as a means of avoiding accountability.

Related legislation from 2021 that can still be debated and passed in 2022: LB112, LB212

About this series

These lists are not exhaustive and only reflect bills we've identified as top priorities or top threats from the 2021 legislative session that have carried over into the new year. We encourage you to find your senator and tell them your priorities.

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