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  1. Overcrowding In Nebraska’s Prisons Is Causing a Medical and Mental Health Care Crisis

    August 16, 2017News updateCriminal Justice
  2. Sabata v. Nebraska Department of Corrections et al

    August 16, 2017CaseCriminal Justice
  3. ACLU, Platte Institute and Senator Laura Ebke Announce Town Halls on Professional Licensing Reform

    September 15, 2017Press releaseCriminal Justice
  4. ACLU Statement on Proposed Revisions to Omaha Panhandling Ordinance

    September 26, 2017Press releaseCriminal Justice, Freedom of Expression and Religion
  5. Gillpatrick and Wetherell v Nebraska Correctional Services

    February 25, 2014CaseCriminal Justice
  6. ACLU of Nebraska Statement on Marriage Case Involving Prisoners Sent Back to District Court

    September 29, 2017Press releaseCriminal Justice
  7. ACLU: Tampons and Pads Are Treated as a Luxury Item by Nebraska Prisons and Jails

    October 19, 2017Press releaseCriminal Justice, Reproductive Freedom
  8. Nebraska’s female prisoners deserve access to basic sanitary necessities. Period.

    October 19, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Reproductive Freedom
  9. Nebraska Earns “F” in New Nationwide Study of Pretrial Justice Systems

    November 1, 2017Press releaseCriminal Justice
  10. ACLU Statement in Response to Nebraska Department of Corrections Lethal Injection Announcement

    November 9, 2017Press releaseCriminal Justice


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