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  1. Religious Indoctrination in the Schools

    September 15, 2016News updateFreedom of Expression and Religion
  2. ACLU Seeks Intervention in Lawsuit Targeting Anti-Discrimination Protections for Transgender People and Women

    September 16, 2016Press releaseLGBT Rights
  3. My dad was my hero

    September 20, 2016News update
  4. Nebraska Nursing Homes Accused of Discriminating Against Man Living with HIV

    September 20, 2016Press release
  5. Courtney Shelor

    September 20, 2016Biography
  6. Restoring the Right to Vote for Ex-Offenders

    September 22, 2016News update
  7. Fighting Against Censorship

    September 29, 2016News update
  8. ACLU: We must ask tough questions about deadly Louisville traffic stop

    September 27, 2016Press releasePolice Practices
  9. Statement Regarding Speech of Three Husker Football Players

    September 28, 2016Press releaseFreedom of Expression and Religion, Police Practices
  10. Even your hair has rights

    October 6, 2016News update


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