Mindy Rush Chipman


Interim Executive Director / Legal Director

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Mindy is currently serving as our interim executive director. She joined the team in the spring of 2022 as legal director.

Our statewide legal program focuses on bringing about systemic change through litigation, administrative advocacy and other legal strategies. Our legal docket regularly includes a range of impactful civil rights cases, featuring everything from police practices to LGBTQ rights. 

Mindy has significant experience advocating for often marginalized clients in diverse areas of law including criminal defense, housing, immigration law, juvenile law and unlawful discrimination. Mindy came to the ACLU of Nebraska after a 3-year tenure as the director of the Lincoln Human Rights Commission. Prior to her work with the City of Lincoln, Mindy held leadership roles at Immigrant Legal Center and Legal Aid of Nebraska. She also ran a private legal practice in rural Nebraska.  

Mindy’s passion for serving often marginalized clients started early in life. One of Mindy’s first jobs out of high school was at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. While working in the prison library, her eyes were opened to the many issues incarcerated Nebraskans face once sentenced. 

Mindy holds a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies from Doane College, a law degree from Nebraska College of Law and a master’s in library science and information from the University of Missouri.

Fun Fact: Mindy, her spouse, and children have a “hobby farm” that is home to Penelope and Rose, the pot-bellied pig and fainting goat dynamic duo.