Our dedicated board represents our organizational values and is comprised of a diverse cross-section of Nebraska's civil rights leaders. The 12-18 member board of directors is elected by our membership and includes representation from around our great state. We are proud that the present board includes strong representation of our diverse communities with leaders who are women, people of color, Nebraskans who are LGBTQ and Nebraskans with disabilities. In other words, our board looks like "We the People."

To vote in board elections every spring, you must be an ACLU member. A panel of lawyers also helps guide our legal program.

  • Marj Plumb (President)
  • A'Jamal Byndon (First Vice-President)
  • Joan Birnie (Second Vice-President)
  • Ralph Kellogg (Secretary)
  • Michael Berry (Treasurer)
  • James Dake (Equity & Inclusion Officer)
  • Nancy Bare
  • Destiny Burkett
  • Stephen B. Jackson
  • Karson Kampfe
  • Natasha Naseem
  • Danielle Powell
  • Ashlei Spivey
  • Carol Windrum

Leslie J. Seymore, a past board member, serves as the ACLU of Nebraska’s National Board Representative.

Board Expectations

The Nebraska Civil Liberties Union shall have a Board of Directors consiting of 12-18 members elected from the membership at large all of whom must be members in the corporation. Each of the directors elected from the membership shall serve for a period of three years. The terms shall be staggered with six new directors being elected at each annual election by the membership.

In addition to being a director of ACLU Nebraska, a Board member is also a member of the ACLU Nebraska Foundation. The Foundation exists to receive tax deductible contributions to support ACLU Nebraska’s legal and educational programs in Nebraska. Board members conduct the business of both organizations in conjunction with each other.  The strength of ACLU Nebraska rests on the fact that Board members, individually and collectively, accept the responsibilities of determining policy and maintaining the financial well-being of the organization. This job description speaks in some detail to the manner in which Board members carry out these duties.

Board Giving

Each board member must be a member of the ACLU (c4) and make a gift to the (c3) that is meaningful to them in light of their individual financial resources annually and should consider making a planned gift.

General Duties and Powers

Board members are expected to develop an understanding of the fiduciary duties they are charged with as prudent, reasonable and responsible members of the board of directors and the organization. All Board members are expected to read, understand and comply with all board polices including confidentiality.

Commitment to Civil Liberties and the ACLU

Board members should have a commitment to the preservation of civil liberties and vigorous enforcement of the US and Nebraska State Constitution. Board members should also have a commitment to health and stability of the ACLU and ACLU of Nebraska.

Board Meetings

Membership on the Board requires an investment of time. The Board of Directors meets every other month - or approximately six times a year - alternating between Lincoln, Omaha, Greater Nebraska, and via conference call.  Each meeting lasts about 2 to 3 hours. Board members receive a packet of materials prior to each meeting. This material must be read in order for a Board member to participate fully in the Board meeting. Review of meeting materials typically takes about 1 to 2 hours.

Standing Committees

Each Board member will be assigned to at least one standing committee to deal with organizational and management concerns according to their stated preferences.

  • Executive Committee: Comprised of the officers of the ACLU including the national ACLU Board representative. Duties include carrying out Board polices, conducting any regular business as appropriate and necessary in between regular Board meetings, assists with budget development, finance matters, and other business matters as appropriate and necessary. Meetings called by Board President approximately six times a year between regular meetings typically via conference call.
  • Fiscal Committee: Comprised of Treasurer, members of the Board of Directors, and other community volunteers. Duties include regular review of financial reports, review of finance & investment policies, assistance with budget preparation, and oversight of audit matters. Meetings called at the discretion of the chair approximately 2 to 4 times per year typically via conference call
  • Development & Events Committee: Comprised of ACLU board members and other community volunteers. Duties include assistance with development plan & policies, identifying development prospects and assistance with development and membership/ donor stewardship activities. Meetings called approximately 2 to 4 times a year at the discretion of the chair typically via conference call
  • Legislative Committee: Comprised of ACLU board members and other community volunteers.  Duties include providing feedback on legislative priorities and ACLU positions and conducting advocacy. Meetings called approximately 2 to 4 times a year at the discretion of the chair typically via conference call.
  • Nominations Committee: Appointed by the President with approval from the Board. Must include at least five members, two of which must be Board members who are not eligible for election or reelection that year and at least three at large members. Duties include identifying, recruiting, vetting, and facilitating board nominees for consideration by the Board of Directors to stand for election in accordance with equity and inclusion policy. Meetings called at the discretion of the chair approximately 3 to 4 times November through March.

If interested in joining our board, contact Executive Director Danielle Conrad.

2020 Full Board Meeting Dates

  • Jan. 17, noon via Zoom

  • March 21, 9 AM - 1 PM in Lincoln

  • May 30, Hastings (in conjunction with Annual Meeting)

  • July 17, noon via Zoom

  • Sept. 18, noon via Zoom

  • Nov. 21, 9 AM - 1 PM in Omaha (in conjunction with strategic planning staff retreat)

Lawyers Panel

Nearly 50 attorneys volunteer their time to either help the ACLU review potential cases or join with us to file a case. If interested in joining a legal panel or being a cooperating attorney, contact Executive Director Danielle Conrad.