Transgender Nebraskans, like the ones in our Transgender Voices project, want to be good neighbords, good students and good workers. Unfortunately, there are few laws and policies that ensure transgender Nebraskans, have the opportunities they need to do well in school and have a job where they are judged by their ability to do the work.

In the schools, the ACLU of Nebraska is frequently working with transgender students, their parents, their administrators and their teachers. Our goals for policies related to transgender youth in Nebraska:

  • Full participation in all school activities, including athletics.
  • Classroom environments that honor a student's gender identity and expression.
  • Schools free from bullying and harassment from other students and administrators.

This work will require advocating on behalf of individiual students in individiual schools, working with the Department of Education and educational associations, as well as engaging policy makers in the Nebraska Legislature.

Text: Know Your Rights! Quick Facts for Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Students

View our Know Your Rights infographic for Trans & Gender Nonconforming Youth

You can join us by signing our Equality Agenda petition and sharing the stories of transgender Nebraskans.