In March 2014, Larry Ball was first arrested for handing out Christian religious pamphlets outside of the Pinnacle Bank Arena. The pamphlets, designed and produced by Mr. Ball, share what he describes as his life and marriage being saved when he became a Christian four decades ago.  Subsequently, Larry Ball, a 77-year-old Navy Veteran and father of four, had been criminally cited on two additional occasions for the same peaceful expression violating his first amendment rights of free speech and religious liberty.

Since then, Pinnacle Bank Arena management and City officials announced a policy that violates individual free speech rights.  They assert the bulk of the public sidewalk surrounding the Arena is off limits for free speech.  ACLU filed suit in March 2015, as well as an emergency TRO requesting the court grant a temporary order permitting Ball to leaflet in the space.

In April, 2015, the federal court refused to grant the temporary order and the case has been scheduled for trial in July 2016.



Amy Miller (ACLU of NE)

Pro Bono Law Firm(s)

Tom White of White and Jorgensen

Date filed

March 12, 2015


United States District Court for the State of Nebraska



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