Erin and Kristen have two sons. Utilizing Assisted Reproductive technology, each mother gave birth to one of their boys. Despite both women having been active and involved parents for the entirety of their sons’ lives, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has denied the mothers’ attempts to gain not only the listing of their names on both birth certificates, but also full legal recognition as a parent of their non-biological son.  

Erin and Kristen seek recognition of their legal status as parents in order to guarantee that they have equal rights to make decisions about their sons’ lives and in order to ensure that both sons are able to inherit fairly and equally from each mom.  These guarantees and safeguards are awarded to unmarried opposite-sex couples without pause.  

The ACLU of Nebraska has joined with Koenig | Dunne to represent the family and challenge these discriminatory actions and policies.  

Case announcement. 


Sara Rips (ACLU of Nebraska)

Pro Bono Law Firm(s)

Angela Dunne (Koenig | Dunne)

Date filed

October 4, 2021


Lancaster District Court