The American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska filed suit in federal court on behalf of Ramon Mendoza alleging that Sarpy County unjustifiably and illegally imprisoned a Nebraska resident for four days simply because local law enforcement officials suspected that the man was here in violation of federal immigration laws. The case was brought by Omaha attorneys Denise Frost and Clarence Mock of the firm Johnson & Mock. 

Ramon Mendoza, a naturalized US citizen, was pulled over in Papillion for ‘windshield obstruction’ – his son’s boxing prize medallion, which was the size of a quarter. Mr. Mendoza was held for four days at the Sarpy County Correctional Center because they thought he might be illegal. His wife, Laura Mendoza, and children were turned away when presenting Mr. Mendoza’s proof of citizenship which included his social security card, certificate of citizenship, marriage certificate and U.S. passport.



Amy Miller (ACLU of NE)

Pro Bono Law Firm(s)

Denise Frost and Clarence Mock of Johnson and Mock

Date filed

February 28, 2013


United States District Court for the State of Nebraska



Case number