On December 26, 2019, Jason Storrs and his partner were driving home when they noticed a cruiser weaving through traffic to pull in behind them. After Storrs pulled to the side of the road, officers approached the car, telling the couple they were investigating a shoplifting report. The descriptions of the suspects didn't match Storrs, his partner, or their vehicle; police ordered Jason out of the car, and he complied with the order.

When Storrs' partner stepped out of the car while recording on her phone, an officer lunged at her, tackling her to the ground as another officer tased Storrs' groin and threatened to tase him again as officers held him face down on the ground. 

Police handcuffed both, and after determining the couple was not involved in the shoplifting, did not cite or arrest Storrs or his partner for any offense. Storrs' partner was transported to the hospital via ambulance as a result of her injuries.

Storrs was simply driving home; there was no justification for the police's use of excessive force. 

We're working to hold the Papillion Police Department accountable and vindicate the couple's constitutional rights.

April 27, 2021 case announcement


Scout Richters (ACLU of Nebraska)

Date filed

April 27, 2021


United States District Court for the State of Nebraska


On appeal