Approved January 2017

The ACLU of Nebraska has always valued diversity.  The ACLU of Nebraska remains committed to ensuring that equity and inclusion of all people is core to our organizational priorities with specific attention to meaningful equity and inclusion for historically unrepresented or underrepresented groups and individuals. Hereinafter, historically unrepresented and underrepresented groups or individuals, refers to individuals whose personal characteristics represent comminutes of color, women, LGBT Nebraskans, and Nebraskans with disabilities.  


The ACLU of Nebraska will not discriminate based on actual or perceived personal characteristics of any individual representing historically unrepresented or underrepresented groups nor on the basis of  any individuals ethnicity; national origin; gender, gender identity, gender expression; religion; sexual orientation; disability; age; marital or familial status; military or veteran status, or political party affiliation. We rely on self-identification in ascertaining an individual’s personal characteristics. 


All selection and nomination processes for membership, Board leadership, National Board representative, paid professional staff, and any other lay or professional positions within the ACLU of Nebraska shall be guided by this policy. Selection and nomination activities shall be done in a manner that provides equal opportunity for all individuals to participate in ACLU Nebraska activities with specific attention invested in ensuring individuals from historically unrepresented or unrepresented groups can meaningfully engage with ACLU of Nebraska. 


We recognize that promoting equity, inclusion and diversity requires continuous assessment of our progress as an organization and a pro-active approach to addressing issues and gaps where they arise and/or are identified.  To accomplish these goals we will establish an equity and inclusion plan for ACLU of Nebraska and review it annually or as appropriate.

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