Court fines and fees

If a court finds someone guilty of a crime, they can order that person to pay court fines, fees, and costs related to the case. The court cannot jail someone for their inability to pay these fees. To prevent this from happening, the judge should receive information about a person’s ability to pay a fine or fee and, consider alternatives, such as allowing someone to do community service instead of paying or to let them pay a fine in installments. Alternatively, the judge may decide that a person does not have to pay any amount.

The purpose of this request form is to show the judge in your case that you are unable to pay the court ordered fees and fines related to your criminal case because you cannot afford to do so. If there is a court date currently scheduled, you may present the completed form to the judge at that time. If there is no court date currently scheduled, you will need to file the completed form with the Clerk of the Court. The Clerk is located at the courthouse where your criminal case was filed.

It is important you are truthful in disclosing your income and expenses on your request because you are swearing to the court that the information is true to the best of your knowledge.

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