For over 50 years in Nebraska, the ACLU has worked in courts, legislatures, and communities to protect the constitutional and individual rights of all people. With a nationwide network of offices and millions of members and supporters, we take up the toughest civil liberties fights. Beyond one person, party, or side — we the people dare to create a more perfect union.

In 2021, we will be working on a broad range of issues before the Nebraska Legislature, encompassed in our new "ACLU 8" series. In addition to our work in the Legislature, the ACLU of Nebraska’s advocacy program is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing civil liberties whenever possible by influencing legislation, administrative rules, and in some cases – county and municipal ordinances. 

Federal congressional issues are handled primarily through ACLU's national office. Learn more about ACLU’s national slate of policy priorities. 

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The ACLU 8: Act on Fairness

All Nebraskans deserve fair and equal treatment in all areas of public life, including the thousands of Nebraskans who are LGBTQIA+. New proposals before the Nebraska Legislature can get us closer to the aspiration in our state motto: "Equality Before the Law."

January 27, 2021

The ACLU 8: Our Voice is Our Power

Our voice is our power. We use that power when we vote, when we tell our elected officials how they should represent us and when we take advantage of open government laws to ensure public employees are acting in a way that reflects our interests.

January 26, 2021