Support for alternatives strong among conservative and religious voters

April 15, 2015

Contact: Tyler Richard,, 402.476.8091 x104

Lincoln, Neb - The ACLU of Nebraska today released polling showing that a majority of Nebraska voters, 58.5%, support alternatives to the death penalty. Only 30% of those surveyed support the death penalty over alternatives. In March, the Judiciary Committee unanimously moved forward LB 268 which would replace the death penalty with a life sentence that has no possibility of parole.

"Murder victims' family members have spoken. Faith leaders have spoken. The Judiciary Committee has spoken. Now lawmakers are hearing from Nebraska voters: it is time for the death penalty in Nebraska to be replaced with an alternative that allows justice to be served," said ACLU of Nebraska Executive Director Danielle Conrad. "Nebraska voters understand that the death penalty is an expensive, broken policy that doesn't lead to justice. A vote for LB 268 directs more of our criminal justice resources into practices that will actually protect public safety."

Less than 37% of voters who identified as conservative support the death penalty over alternatives. A majority of Catholic and Protestant voters also support replacing the death penalty with an alternative such as life imprisonment.


ABOUT: The ACLU of Nebraska and its diverse membership works in courts, the legislature and our communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States and Nebraska guarantee everyone in this state.