Today the ACLU of Nebraska launched a first of its kind website,, to empower transgender and gender nonconforming Nebraskans to know and understand their rights. The site was funded in part by the Omaha Community Foundation’s Equality Fund for LGBTQIA+. Omaha’s REBEL branding agency provided the web design.

The new website is a comprehensive, state-specific resource for legal, political, and community information and resources. Site highlights include:

  • information for Nebraskans who are exploring a legal name change affirming their gender identity;
  • information for Nebraskans who are exploring revisions to the gender marker on their legal documents affirming their gender identity;
  • information about students’ rights in K-12 education and higher education;
  • instructions on how to report discrimination related to gender identity;
  • Nebraska-specific community support resources; and
  • specific action opportunities to engage in the ongoing fight for LGBTQIA+ rights in Nebraska.

“The ACLU champions the rights of transgender Nebraskans to be themselves at work, at home, and in public spaces. Our transgender Nebraska neighbors are raising families, serving in the military, and paying taxes, yet they face high levels of discrimination. We know Nebraskans of goodwill share our commitment to ensuring fair play for all community members. We believe this new community resource will strengthen our legal and policy strategies to advance true equality in the Cornhusker state. We encourage transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming Nebraskans and their allies to visit, share these resources, and report discrimination,” said Danielle Conrad, executive director of the ACLU of Nebraska.

Abbi Swatsworth, executive director of OutNebraska, said, "Transgender people live in every corner of Nebraska and they need information about navigating the legal landscape. This website provides resources that can positively impact lives. We're proud to have contributed and will proudly promote this resource in our communities."

Dr. Jay Irwin of the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Department of Sociology, said, "The ACLU continues to be a leader in LGBTQ+ inclusion with this new initiative. This website is bringing desperately needed resources and attention to Nebraska’s gender-diverse communities. Transgender Nebraskans now have a one-stop shop for many areas that impact their lives. I’m proud of the work the ACLU has done in this area, and I look forward to seeing how this resource is utilized by local trans and gender diverse people."