One of public safety's most important assets are the officers who patrol our streets and put themselves in danger day in and day out. In order to protect the public--and law enforcement--the ACLU has regularly advocated for enhanced training for law enforcement.

In 2012, the ACLU championed mandatory continuing education for law enforcement. Until the bill passed, your barber or hairdresser was required to take continuing education, but law enforcement was not. We've been pleased that some law enforcement agencies, like the Omaha Police Department, have started to more regularly provide anti-bias trainings.

We will continue to advocate for those whose mission is to "protect and serve" to have the highest standards for professional development.

2016 is the 50th anniversary of the ACLU of Nebraska. We will feature several memories from our five decades of defending freedom in the Cornhusker state here. Do you have a favorite memory? Share it with us!