A Critical Moment to Oppose Abortion Bans

With just a few weeks left in session, state senators are trying to push through an extreme abortion ban. LB933 would ban abortion entirely if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Over the last few months, you've flooded state senators' inboxes and mailboxes. You packed the hearings. We need you to keep it up these last few weeks.

Tell your state senator one more time that abortion must stay safe and legal in Nebraska.

Here's what we expect these next few days.

The Judiciary Committee did not advance this extreme ban, so the sponsor is going to pull it from the committee. That only takes 25 votes, so we expect it to happen. After a successful pull motion, state senators could debate the ban as early as the week of March 28.

That debate will be a critical moment. We need at least 17 state senators to hold strong and oppose the bill by refusing to invoke cloture, also known as ending the debate. Every bill needs three votes to pass into law. Our best chance of stopping this extreme ban is by holding a filibuster on the first round of debate.

Urge your state senator to oppose the bill and vote no on cloture.

New polling we released just this week shows most Nebraskans are with us. Nebraskans oppose this ban and support keeping abortion safe and legal in our state. Our state senators need to start listening to Nebraskans, and they need to respect that decisions about abortion belong to patients, not politicians.

Make sure they hear from you.