Free speech is important to each and every American.

For some, the ability to speak freely is a part of their job.

The ACLU has a long history of supporting academic freedom in Nebraska and around the United States – starting with the Scopes Trial of 1925.

Just as an academic freedom case was one of the earliest in the nationwide ACLU history, an academic freedom case was an early part of the ACLU’s work in Nebraska.

In 1967, when the ACLU of Nebraska was less than a year old, we stood by the side of a professor at Wayne State College who was censured for voicing disagreement with college administration. Then ACLU of Nebraska president Rev. Vester Vanstrom said “What we’re interested in is the matter of academic freedom” in a March 1, 1967 issue of the Omaha World Herald.

The ACLU of Nebraska has partnered with the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska on several public education activities during our 50 year history to highlight the free speech rights that we all share.

2016 is the 50th anniversary of the ACLU of Nebraska. We will feature several memories from our five decades of defending freedom in the Cornhusker state here. Do you have a favorite memory? Share it with us!