ACLU of Nebraska Policy Commitee member Andrew Aleman testifies in favor of LB 967, speaking about the bullying that LGBTQ+ Nebraska youth face in our schools.  

All Nebraska students should feel safe in their classrooms; but unfortunately, harassment and bullying continue to be some of the most pervasive, frightening, and potentially damaging threats that students face in our schools. It's time to update Nebraska's anti-bullying law. 

Sen. Wendy DeBoer introduced LB 967 this legislative session. The bill adds critical updates and protections to our current anti-bullying law in line with emerging trends adopted across the country to ensure students can attend school free from bullying and harassment.

The bill's introduction follows the ACLU of Nebraska's investigation of how Nebraska’s anti-bullying law measures up to other states and best practices. Our white paper A Report Card on Nebraska’s Anti-Bullying Law shows emerging trends that further protect our students' rights, promote school accountability and improve student safety.

We're pleased to say several of our recommendations are included in LB 967: 

  • provides a clear and transparent anti-bullying policy and bullying complaint and investigation process
  • provides students the option of anonymously reporting a bullying incident
  • incorporates an anti-retaliation protection for students who report bullying

School districts and their staff and other agents have obligations under federal law, state law, and district policies to prevent and protect students against bullying, intimidation, and harassment. This bill is a smart step toward making sure every student feels safe and welcome in our schools.