The Lancaster County Attorney and the Lincoln City Attorney have designated Aug. 7-10 as "Warrant Week," a program that provides warrant forgiveness on outstanding warrants on misdemeanors in Lancaster County. To have a warrant forgiven, a person can appear at the Lancaster County Courthouse, 575 S. 10th Street, 2nd floor, at 10:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. Aug. 7-10 and request that: 
  1. a new court date be set for the case,
  2. the individual charged be released on their own recognizance, (meaning they won’t have to pay bail/bond and can still wait for the new court date outside of jail), and
  3. the bail/bond that was lost as a result of not showing up for court is refunded back to the individual.
Those with questions should contact:
Lincoln City Attorney: (402) 441-6875
Lancaster County Attorney: (402) 441-7321
Lancaster County Courthouse: (402) 441-7291
Active warrants can be located at:
Undocumented immigrants or individuals with a pending deportation order should be extra cautious about the warrant week process. Before participating in warrant week, please consult with an attorney specializing in criminal defense and immigration law and know your rights!
Personas indocumentadas o inmigrantes con una orden de deportación deben tomar precaución si optan participar en la semana de “ordenes de arresto.” ¡Antes de participar en este programa es aconsejable que consulten con un abogado de inmigración y defensa criminal y conozcan sus derechos!

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