An eighteen member Board of Directors guides the ACLU's work in Nebraska. This diverse group has representation from around out great state. To vote in board elections every spring, you must be an ACLU member. A panel of lawyers also helps guide our legal program.

  • Marj Plumb (President)
  • A'Jamal-Rashad Byndon (First Vice-President)
  • Joan Birnie (Second Vice-President)
  • Darla Zink (Treasurer)
  • Michael Berry (Secretary)

  • Leslie J. Seymore (National Board Representative)
  • James Dake (Equity & Inclusion Officer)
  • Destiny Burkett
  • Mary Campbell
  • Natasha Naseem
  • Danielle Powell
  • Linda Pratt
  • Nancy Bare
  • Laurie Thomas Lee
  • Shaun Ilahi
  • Stephen B. Jackson
  • Lucas LaRose

If interested in joining our board, contact Executive Director Danielle Conrad.

Board Meeting Dates

  • Jan 20th - Omaha
  • March 17th - Lincoln
  • May 19th - Lincoln
  • July 21st - Kearney
  • September 15th - Omaha
  • November 17th - Omaha

Lawyers Panel

Nearly 50 attorneys volunteer their time to either help the ACLU review potential cases or join with us to file a case. If interested in joining a legal panel or being a cooperating attorney, contact our Legal Director Amy Miller.

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