Media Contact

Sam Petto, ACLU of Nebraska Communications Director

October 7, 2020

A billboard along Ames Avenue in Omaha reads "Every Vote is a Protest," and shares the last deadlines to register to vote or request a mail-in ballot.

LINCOLN, Neb. – The ACLU of Nebraska aims to expand the electorate and increase voter turnout through a historic and multifaceted voter education campaign. The organization has made a $250,000 investment into nonpartisan voter education and mobilization ahead of the general election. It’s a record investment for the nonprofit organization, funded primarily through grants from the Holland Foundation and the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table.

The effort prioritizes direct voter contact through mailed material and live phone calls, complemented by radio, digital, television and billboard advertising. The campaign became even more visible this week as billboards reading “Every Vote is a Protest” went up in Lincoln and Omaha.

The voter education messages share upcoming deadlines and clear information on registering to vote, voting early in person, voting by mail and voting on Election Day. The public education campaign targets communities that have historically faced barriers to the ballot box.

ACLU of Nebraska Executive Director Danielle Conrad said the goal is inviting more Nebraskans to vote.

“We are so excited to provide a warm welcome to more of our neighbors as we invite them to be voters and to participate in the political process,” Conrad said. “This campaign also captures the energy we have seen expressed in countless Nebraska communities this summer and reminds Nebraskans that civic engagement runs from protest, to policy, to the polls. We’re proud to be working to ensure all eligible Nebraskans have the information they need to make a plan for how to vote this year.”

ACLU of Nebraska Communications Intern Emma Johnson helped develop the voting campaign messages and strategy. She said it’s an exciting challenge to invite Nebraskans to be heard in a year when public health considerations have impacted traditional voter outreach strategies.

“It’s special that we can step in and help meet the need for information,” Johnson said. “Democracy works best when every eligible voter participates and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Campaign ads are currently being viewed more than 1.1 million times a week. The ACLU expects to reach even more Nebraskans as mailers go out to nearly 230,000 homes over the next week. Ads will run up until Election Day.

The ACLU encourages all Nebraskans to doublecheck their voter registration information and make a plan to vote, either by mail, early in person or in person on Election Day.