LINCOLN, Neb. – The new year is bringing a significant new threat to legal abortion access in Nebraska.

Today, Nebraska State Senator Joni Albrecht announced her intention to introduce a bill that would ban abortions after around six weeks of pregnancy, a time when many people don’t yet know they are pregnant. 

The public announcement comes just weeks after the release of new polling that shows most Nebraskans oppose state senators enacting more abortion bans. 

Scout Richters, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska senior legal & policy counsel, said the civil rights organization will once again be mobilizing its supporters to defend abortion rights this year. 

“For many Nebraskans in need of abortion care, this ban would have the exact same effect as a total ban because many people do not know they are pregnant at the point when this proposed extreme restriction would take effect,” Richters said. “Looking at the tragic impacts of extreme bans in other states, we know the stakes could not be higher. Nebraskans’ health, lives and futures are on the line. Abortion rights supporters need to know that it is time to speak out and show up like never before. We will do everything we can to stop this ban, including making sure our thousands of supporters get that message.” 

More bans are possible. Abortion opponents have said they expect multiple bans to be introduced this session, and bill introduction runs through Jan. 18.