Local abortion rights advocates are promising an all-out effort to stop new abortion bans in Nebraska’s next legislative session. 

Representatives of the partnering organizations behind NebraskansForAbortionAccess.com hosted a press conference today at the Nebraska State Capitol, joined by newly reelected State Senator Megan Hunt. 

Speakers pointed to unprecedented engagement in support of abortion rights last session and urged Nebraskans to exceed that turnout in the coming year. Although polling has shown a majority of Nebraskans support abortion rights, state senators came just two votes shy of passing a total abortion ban last spring and it is likely the future of Nebraskans’ reproductive rights will be decided by an even narrower margin in 2023.

Partners on this effort include the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska, I Be Black Girl, Nebraska Abortion Resources (NEAR), Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska and Women’s Fund of Omaha. Journalists are welcome to use the following quotes from today’s event: 

“I can promise that we are going to use every tool in the toolbox to stand against any bans in Nebraska and make sure that we keep the government out of the conversation between a patient and their doctor, no matter what happens. But, Nebraskans, we really need you to be here at the Capitol physically, to make sure that these senators’ phones are ringing off the hook, to make sure that anybody who wants to enact a full ban on abortion in Nebraska understands where the people of Nebraska are coming from.” - State Senator Megan Hunt

“Abortion is still legal in Nebraska. Now, it is our job to hold our elected officials accountable and remind them that Nebraskans are the second house. Our goal remains clear — no bans ever. No further restrictions on abortion care. When politicians who want to strip away our rights take office in January, Nebraskans will stand up against continued attacks on our health care and reproductive rights.” - Claire Wiebe, Senior Manager of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska

“We aren't going anywhere until abortion care not only remains legal but is accessible for all Nebraskans. We are proud to help patients receive care, and we will continue to fight every barrier, stigma and ban.” - Chelsea Souder, Founder and Director, NEAR

“As we prepare for the next legislative session in January, with a new and different legislative body, we must use our momentum and hold our public officials accountable to the Nebraska we want and deserve to see. The outcome of this election will not stop our advocacy. In fact, now is the time to amplify our voices. [...] We will not stand for further restrictions or bans to essential care like abortions. Period.” - Nyomi Thompson, Policy and Advocacy Manager, I Be Black Girl

“Abortion is not a singular issue but one that is interconnected in our work, our advocacy and our ability to reach gender and racial equity in our state. We advocate for abortion access because we are not just members of organizations, we are members of our communities. And together, we are working to create a future where we all have the freedom to control our own bodies, safely care for our families and live with dignity.” - Erin Feichtinger, Policy Director, Women’s Fund of Omaha

“My personal abortion story is just one of so many, and no Nebraskan should ever have to share the details of their personal and private medical decisions; however, I will continue to share my story over and over because I know that my experience could be any Nebraskan’s experience, and we are in this together. We have proven we can do remarkable and unprecedented things together and this fight to keep abortion legal and accessible in Nebraska is nowhere over. Even if our path to victory is razor thin, we will continue to fight.” - Mindy Rush Chipman, Legal Director, ACLU of Nebraska