Mindy Rush Chipman, interim executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska, made this statement on today’s signing of LB 574: 

“The governor's decision to sign these sweeping restrictions into law betrays a total disregard for Nebraskans’ freedom, health and well-being,” Rush Chipman said. “Just as we have seen in other states, these bans will result in significant harm, most intensely hurting already vulnerable communities. Remember that more than 1,000 local medical professionals warned senators that LB 574 would put lives at risk — officials should have listened. Every option is on the table to undo these regressive measures, including seeking justice through the courts. We will not stop working toward a future that safeguards all Nebraskans' rights, including the rights of transgender youth, their families and people in need of reproductive health care.”