Media Contact

Sam Petto, ACLU of Nebraska Communications Director

October 25, 2022

LINCOLN, Neb. — Today, the partnering organizations behind published a new online resource that aims to support Nebraskans who want to take an active role in opposing proposed abortion bans in their local communities.

The document, titled “A Toolkit for Reproductive Freedom,” offers a step-by-step action plan and messaging recommendations for Nebraskans who are currently - or could soon be - living in communities where municipal abortion bans are under consideration by local elected officials or headed to a vote.

Organizers say the new resource will help equip local advocates as they work to stop bans in their cities, towns and villages.

“Abortion is legal in Nebraska and any local ordinances that conflict with state law are unenforceable, but these bans still cause harm by contributing to confusion and stigmatizing care,” said Scout Richters, senior legal and policy counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska. “Our toolkit is for the majority of Nebraskans who support abortion rights and understand these decisions belong to Nebraskans and physicians, not politicians.”

“If there's ever been a time to get involved in local politics, it's now. Out-of-state extremists are trying to tell Nebraska communities what they can and cannot do when it comes to abortion care, and this resource will help Nebraskans protect their communities and their neighbors," said Erin Feichtinger, policy director at Women’s Fund of Omaha. is managed by five Nebraska-based abortion rights advocacy organizations, including the ACLU of Nebraska, I Be Black Girl, Nebraska Abortion Resources, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska and Women’s Fund of Omaha.