Senator Megan Hunt, community members, and advocates - including the ACLU of Nebraska - rally against abortion ban LB 626 before its February hearing.

LINCOLN, Neb. – Abortion is legal in Nebraska, and it looks to be staying that way.  

Today, a bill that would enact one of the nation's most restrictive abortion bans failed to overcome a filibuster on a 32 - 15 vote, just one vote short of what anti-abortion senators needed.

The narrow vote on the filibuster of LB 626, which would ban abortions at around six weeks of pregnancy, followed four hours of intense debate around the bill’s potential impacts.

The defeat of the six-week abortion ban is another historic moment for Nebraska, which fended off a proposed total ban last year.  

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska Senior Legal and Policy Counsel Scout Richters made this statement on today’s vote: 

“Even as we celebrate today’s victory, we recognize the vote should not have been this close,” Richters said. “From the hundreds of Nebraskans who showed up to testify on this bill to the calls and emails flooding the Capitol, it is beyond clear that most Nebraskans support legal access to abortion, and it is past time that state senators’ votes reflect that reality. We recognize there is significant work to do to safeguard abortion rights in Nebraska. We will continue doing all we can to ensure that decisions about our lives, bodies and futures stay with Nebraskans and their medical providers, not politicians.”  

Abortion is currently legal in Nebraska up until 20 weeks after fertilization, although there are significant restrictions affecting access to abortion care.

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