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  1. Guilty Money: Civil Asset Forfeiture in Nebraska

    October 20, 2015PublicationPolice Practices, Criminal Justice
  2. Bedlam in the Heartland

    September 10, 2014PublicationCriminal Justice
  3. The Tipping Point

    March 31, 2014PublicationCriminal Justice
  4. A Guide to Prison Litigation in the Eighth Circuit

    October 31, 2014PublicationCriminal Justice
  5. Growing Up Locked Down

    January 4, 2016PublicationCriminal Justice
  6. Unequal Justice

    December 13, 2016PublicationCriminal Justice
  7. Let Down and Locked Up: Nebraska Women in Prison

    October 19, 2017PublicationCriminal Justice, Reproductive Freedom
  8. State House to Prison Pipeline

    October 20, 2017PublicationCriminal Justice
  9. Profiting Off Lifelines - Nebraska County Jail Phone Systems Lead to High Costs and Unfair Trials

    November 30, 2017PublicationCriminal Justice
  10. Second Chances: How professional licensing in Nebraska hurts the workforce and our economy

    September 6, 2016PublicationCriminal Justice