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  1. So-called Fetal Dignity Act

    May 15, 2016LegislationReproductive Freedom
  2. Open Grand Juries to Public

    May 15, 2016LegislationPolice Practices
  3. Officer Body Cameras

    May 15, 2016LegislationPolice Practices
  4. Oppose Discrimination Against LGBT Parents

    May 15, 2016LegislationLGBT Rights
  5. Prohibitive Insurance Requirements for Refugee Agencies

    May 14, 2016LegislationImmigrants' Rights
  6. Equal Pay on the Basis of Sex

    May 14, 2016Legislation
  7. Workplace Privacy Act

    May 14, 2016LegislationPrivacy
  8. Civil Forfeiture Reform

    May 14, 2016LegislationPolice Practices

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