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  1. Statement Regarding Speech of Three Husker Football Players

    September 28, 2016Press releaseFreedom of Expression and Religion, Police Practices
  2. Ball v. City of Lincoln

    March 12, 2015CaseFreedom of Expression and Religion
  3. ACLU Statement on Proposed Revisions to Omaha Panhandling Ordinance

    September 26, 2017Press releaseCriminal Justice, Freedom of Expression and Religion
  4. Thanks to you - 2017 Victory List

    December 22, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, LGBT Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Immigrants' Rights, Police Practices, Freedom of Expression and Religion, Voting Rights, Privacy, Open Government, Youth and Schools
  5. ACLU Warns Elected Officials, Government Agencies, Against Blocking Members of Public on Social Media

    March 1, 2018Press releaseFreedom of Expression and Religion
  6. Open Letter to Nebraska Superintendents on Student Walkouts

    March 13, 2018News updateYouth and Schools, Freedom of Expression and Religion