Students Deserve to Love Their Hair, Culture and More  

Nebraska’s growing and diverse workforce currently enjoys protections against discrimination on the basis of natural and protective hairstyles. Students should be protected too. 

In a recent report, the ACLU of Nebraska, I Be Black Girl, #FreeTheHair, Nebraska Indian Education Association and the UNL Muslim Law Student Association highlighted the need to update school dress code and grooming policies to ensure students can show up to school as their true selves.  

The report calls for schools to immediately review their dress code and grooming policies to ensure all students in Nebraska schools, regardless of their race or national origin, including natural hair style and texture and religious affiliation, can fully participate in their learning environment without harm.   

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Creating Change Through Legislation 

Last year, the Nebraska Legislature passed State Senator Terrell McKinney’s LB 451, updating protections for workers against race-based discrimination to include discrimination based on natural hair, protective hairstyles and other characteristics. This year, Governor Pillen signed LB 298 into law, which includes language that ensures students in Nebraska public schools are not subjected to discrimination based on natural hair, protective hairstyle, tribal regalia or headdress.