As young people engaged in peaceful protest in support of Black lives and against police brutality, law enforcement officers in Lincoln met those calls with a militarized response and brutal police practices.

On May 31, 2020, Elise Poole was with other young leaders protesting for long overdue change. In the course of a massive militarized police response, an officer shot Elise in the face with an impact munition while she was providing first aid to other protesters. Her severe and graphic injuries have made news locally and beyond.

Hundreds of young Nebraskans, primarily Black and Brown leaders, were arrested or injured during recent protests in Nebraska. We are committed to helping all of them and making things right for young people like Elise and other protesters dealing with similar circumstances.

In addition to taking up Elise’s cause, our Freedom Fund is funding direct legal support to other courageous protesters.

We are proud to advocate for all our protesters and we’re proud to take up Elise’s cause. We’re working to hold law enforcement accountable, vindicate Elise’s constitutional rights, and make sure she is fully compensated for her medical bills, pain and suffering, ongoing health care, and the haunting trauma resulting from the incident.


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