Nebraskans hold signs in support of abortion rights ahead of a committee hearing on six-week abortion ban LB 626.

More than halfway through this year’s legislative session, we are reaching a critical point. Nebraska state senators are considering a series of bills that threaten to strip away fundamental rights and liberties, and they have already advanced one of them. Make sure your senators hear from you on these prioritized bills impacting free expression, bodily autonomy and more. 

  • LB 277 mirrors a problematic federal religious freedom law. State senators should oppose it or adopt an amendment that would make clear the bill does not allow discrimination. As written, this bill could have far-reaching implications for the LGBTQ+ community, women and other marginalized groups. 
  • LB 327 would create a sub-minimum wage for young workers and cap future cost-of-living increases. This bill is an undoing of what Nebraskans overwhelmingly voted for just last fall, and could harm many of the state's most vulnerable workers. 
  • LB 343 bans government contracts with companies that are boycotting Israel. We take no position on the subject of boycotts, but we do oppose the government penalizing or favoring political expression.  
  • LB 574 and LB 575 aim to deny transgender youth access to medical care and ban them from playing the sports they love consistent with their gender identity. Tell your state senator to protect trans youth by opposing these bills.
  • LB 626 is an extreme six-week abortion ban that could be scheduled for a vote any day now. Keep urging your senator to keep abortion legal.
  • LB 810 is a bill that lets any health care worker withhold care for any reason they say is tied to their moral beliefs. This is a license to discriminate that puts Nebraskans’ health at risk.

The decisions being made these next few weeks will have significant implications for years to come. Find your senator on the Nebraska Legislature’s website and make sure your voice is heard.