LINCOLN, Neb. -- Today the District Court of Lancaster County ordered the state Department of Corrections to release records they'd kept hidden from the ACLU of Nebraska and the state's media outlets regarding the purchase of drugs to be used for lethal injection. The records must be released within seven days.
“Overall the ACLU is pleased with the court’s decision reaffirming Nebraska’s proud tradition of open government. We are reviewing the decision carefully to determine next steps. In the short term, we look forward to reviewing documents about the source of Nebraska’s execution drugs to learn more about the legal and policy issues involved in their acquisition. We appreciate that Nebraskans of goodwill hold divergent viewpoints on the death penalty, but the citizens referendum did not grant permission to state officials to cloak the death penalty in secrecy. The court's decision today ensures transparency and accountability as the state seeks to carry out its most grave function," said ACLU of Nebraska Executive Director Danielle Conrad.
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