This image of Amy Gagner shows a smiling woman with white skin and wavy shoulder length blonde hair. Amy is wearing a black wrap dress with short sleeves and has her hand on her hip.


Operations Director

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Amy is responsible for keeping the ACLU office running like a well-oiled machine as we work to protect and advance the civil rights and liberties of Nebraskans across our state.  

In addition to managing all the core daily needs of our office, Amy is the first to offer a warm greeting and smile as she welcomes and completes the onboarding process for new interns, law clerks and employees throughout the year. She also handles the logistics of the ACLU of Nebraska’s board meetings. 

Amy is a Lincoln native and attended the University of Nebraska where she studied English. Before joining the ACLU of Nebraska, she was the development coordinator for the NET Foundations for Television and Radio. She is married and has two adult children.

Fun fact: Stressed? Don’t fret! Amy is a certified yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner and offers classes, workshops and teach trainings around the Midwest.