For Immediate Release: October 15, 2018
Contact: Heidi Uhing, Communications Director,, 402-476-8091 ext. 104

LINCOLN, NE—A recent Facebook post and intake to our legal team concerning a lactation space at UNL’s Beadle Center just feet away from a toilet has prompted the ACLU of Nebraska to send a letter to the Chancellor Ronnie Green requesting immediate investigation and correction. These newly reported concerns come after the release of an ACLU of Nebraska report exploring breastfeeding rights on Nebraska college campuses which identified UNL’ s lactation policy as a model policy.

The ACLU surveyed all Nebraska institutions of higher education to examine their policies and procedures on student lactation and whether they meet best practices and legal standards to support parenting students in higher education. 

The UNL policy was initially identified as a sound model because it applies explicitly to both students and staff, is easily accessible on the website, and clearly establishes lactation spaces and the availability of refrigeration on campus. However, the lactation space depicted in these photos at the Beadle Center calls into question the adequacy of other lactation spaces listed on UNL’s website.

“Breastfeeding is a personal choice for each individual woman to make for herself and her family. The law and common sense tell us that a bathroom is not an appropriate lactation space. Notwithstanding potential health and safety concerns of pumping in restrooms, lactating students and employees should not be forced to hide in a bathroom to pump,” Scout Richters, Legal and Policy Counsel at ACLU of Nebraska. "Women who do breastfeed must be supported  in schools, college campuses, on the job and in other public spaces, because breastfeeding is a civil right, a gender equity  concern, and a reproductive justice issue," Richters said.

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