With an election right around the corner, we’re reflecting on some of the victories for democracy that have been a part of the ACLU’s 50 years of defending freedom in Nebraska. 

From getting an issue or candidate onto the ballot, to voicing a political opinion, to casting a vote, the ACLU has worked to defend your rights at every stage. 

There’s also been watchdog work, ensuring counties are providing bilingual voting materials and providing proper information about voting access for people with a felony conviction (currently in Nebraska, you must wait two years after the completion of a sentence to be able to vote), and ensuring our polls are accessible to transgender Nebraskans. 

When it comes to the legislature, the ACLU has joined with broad coalitions to champion voting rights for all: 

  • Stopping voter ID laws from passing, year after year. 
  • Expanding voting access to people with a felony conviction. 
  • Supporting online voter registration 
  • And yes, the ever popular ballot selfie. 

We’re proud to have worked to protect democracy for 50 years in Nebraska and hope that you will do your part by casting a ballot on or before November 8th, 2016! 

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