LINCOLN, Neb. – A proposed ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth cleared its second round of debate today. Nebraska state senators advanced LB 574 with a 33 - 16 vote, sending the bill to its last round of debate.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska Legal and Policy Counsel Jane Seu made this statement on today’s vote:

“State senators need to stop ignoring parents, medical providers and trans youth themselves,” Seu said. “They also need to stop acting like it is their job to make personal medical decisions for every family in this state. This ban is discriminatory and dangerous. If passed and signed into law, it would immediately jeopardize young people’s health. The fact is every mainstream medical association agrees that gender-affirming care is medically necessary and appropriate care for the transgender youth who need it. We thank the senators who have worked tirelessly to oppose this bill and we urge this ban’s supporters to reconsider their position and remember the real families this ban will hurt.”

According to an ACLU bill tracker, LB 574 is one of more than 100 bills nationwide focused on limiting LGBTQ+ people’s access to health care, many of which are aimed at trans youth.

LB 574 is one of two Nebraska bills specifically targeting trans youth introduced this session.  The other bill, LB 575, is a ban on trans youth playing school sports consistent with their gender identity.