In celebration of our 50th Anniversary we leveraged our proud history and present organizational strength to new heights for civil rights and civil liberties victories impacting all Nebraskans.

Criminal Justice

  • Published Growing Up Locked Down: Juvenile Solitary Confinement in Nebraska and passed legislation requiring mandatory reports regarding any future use
  • Published Second Chances: How Professional Licensing in Nebraska Hurts the Workforce and Our Economy to reduce recidivism
  • Protected right of inmate to carry inhaler and compelled Lancaster Co. to revise policy
  • Litigated and won access to records for a defendants with Nebraska Innocence Project
  • Published Unequal Justice: Bail & Modern Day Debtors Prison in Nebraska
  • Litigated the constitutionality of Lincoln's panhandling ordinances

LGBT Rights & Rights of People with HIV

  • Beat back legislation seeking a license to discriminate on religious ground against LGBT Nebraskans in the child welfare system
  • Successfully advocated for the rights of transgender inmates to appropriate medical care
  • Identified problematic media stories involving transgender Nebraskans and coordinated outreach to the Association of LGBTQ Journalists to facilitate improved reporting
  • Hosted a training for 50 educators about issues and rights of transgender students
  • Hosted a training for about 80 attorneys in the child welfare system on LGBT issues
  • Led the fight against trans discrimination in our schools and healthcare system including litigation on behalf of River City Gender Alliance
  • Provided technical assistance to Omaha Public School Board for successful updates to nondiscrimination policies benefiting LGBT students
  • Secured rights of people living with HIV to nursing home care free of discrimination

Reproductive Freedom & Women’s Rights

  • Beat back Texas-style abortion restrictions, maintaining reproductive health options
  • Passed first in a generation expansion of Nebraska equal pay laws for working women
  • Ended discrimination in the workplace for a Beatrice mother's right to pump breast milk
  • Conducted and published statewide investigation of 25 counties uncovering noncompliance with Nebraska law to support judicial bypass for minors seeking abortion
  • Hosted All Access Nebraska event mobilizing thousands of online activists, traditional, and new allies in support of reproductive justice

Immigrants’ Rights

  • Beat back discriminatory legislation that targeted Syrian & Muslim refugees
  • Passed right to work legislation for DREAMers

Police Practices

  • Passed legislation hailed as strongest civil forfeiture reform in the country reining in abusive police practices and protecting individual property rights
  • Passed legislation to increase grand jury transparency for in-custody deaths
  • Passed first ever statewide standards for police worn body cameras
  • Negotiated with Lincoln Police to ensure transparency of their use of force/Taser policy
  • Published Civilian Complaints in Nebraska evaluating Nebraska law enforcement

Freedom of Expression and Religion

  • Stood up for free speech rights of Husker athletes’ peaceful protests for racial justice
  • Beat back zoning regulations in Lexington directed at a Mosque and Islamic Center
  • Won a battle for free speech ending enforcement of Eagle's law limiting campaign signs

Voting Rights

  • Beat back discriminatory Voter ID laws for the 6th year in a row
  • Conducted investigation of all 93 counties compliance with ex-felon voting rights and secured improved training and public education efforts from Secretary of State
  • Distributed poll worker training materials to uphold transgender voting rights
  • Issued legal guidance to Colfax, Dawson, and Dakota County urging compliance with federal voting rights act for language access


  • Introduced a privacy agenda and passed privacy laws to protect employee privacy

Youth and Schools

  • Victory for student rights securing recognition of Gay Straight Alliance clubs in Elkhorn
  • Stood up for free speech rights of students organizing a pro-life club at Gretna High
  • Negotiated dropped charges for Lincoln middle schooler arrested for social media posts
  • Served an open records request on all 250 school districts regarding pregnant and parenting students and sex education curriculum
  • Published Protecting Their Health- Protecting Their Future a policy report and roadmap to ensure meaningful reform to support young families in public schools

Organizational Achievements

  • Completed 69 civic education events across Nebraska empowering 5,500 Nebraskans
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration with yearlong social media campaign, spotlight story by the Lincoln Journal Star, and civil rights history video project
  • Honored by the Nebraska State Bar Association with award of Special Merit
  • Honored by Nebraska Appleseed with the Seeds of Justice Award

THANK YOU! At the dawn of this new political reality our ACLU family has grown even stronger. Hundreds of new members and donors have stepped forward, dozens of new cooperating attorneys have volunteered their time and talents, and longtime supporters like you have renewed their commitment to fight back. Let's do this!