For non-criminal legal services:

Legal Aid of Nebraska  

(877) 250-2016 


For workplace, housing, and public accommodations discrimination: 

Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission  

Lincoln: (800) 642-6112   

Omaha: (800) 382-7820  


For disability rights advocacy: 

Disability Rights Nebraska  

134 South 13th Street, Suite 600  

Lincoln, NE 68508  

(800) 422-6691  


For complaints about health care facilities, caseworkers, etc.: 

Nebraska DHHS Investigations  


For general complaints about state agencies: 

Nebraska Ombudsman’s Office  

State Capitol P.O. Box 94604 
Lincoln, NE 68509-4604 


For general advocacy on child welfare, immigration, affordable health care and poverty policies:  

Nebraska Appleseed  

941 O Street, Suite 920  

Lincoln, NE 68508  

(402) 438-8853  


To submit a complaint against a judge: 

Nebraska Judicial Qualifications Commission  

Secretary, Nebraska Commission on Judicial Qualifications  

P.O. Box 98910  

Lincoln, NE 68509-8910 

(402) 471-3730  


For complaints against attorneys: 

Counsel for Discipline 
3808 Normal Boulevard 
Lincoln, NE 68506 
Phone: (402) 471-1040 


For low-cost or limited scope representation:  

NE Bar Lawyer Referral Service  


For pro bono or immigration legal services and immigration attorney referrals: 


1-855-307-6730 (press 9 to leave voicemail) 

Monday-Friday: 9AM-3PM CT 


For housing issues: 

Family Housing Advisory Services 

(402) 934-7921 


For complaints about businesses 

Better Business Bureau 


For general help with basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, transportation, etc.): 

Community-Action Partnership 

210 O Street 

Lincoln, NE 68508 

(402) 471-4515 

Center for People in Need 

3901 North 27th Street, Unit 1 

Lincoln, NE 68521 

(402) 476-4357 


For deaf and hard of hearing advocacy: 

Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

4600 Valley Road, Suite 420 

Lincoln, NE 68510 

(402) 471-3593