Government Liaison

Spike Eickholt is our contract lobbyist. He knows all the ins, outs and news of the Nebraska Legislature and frequently puts in long days and nights when the legislature is in session. Spike’s leadership in this role has helped safeguard Nebraskans’ civil rights and civil liberties since he joined the team in late 2015.  

Spike has testified and submitted testimony on hundreds of bills. He also tracks activity throughout session to ensure no threat to our rights and freedoms go unnoticed or unchallenged.  

Spike attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and the University of Nebraska College of Law. While in law school, Spike worked as a law clerk at the ACLU of Nebraska. After he graduated, he worked as an attorney at Legal Aid of Nebraska and then as Legal Counsel for the Nebraska Legislature's Judiciary Committee under then-chair Senator Kermit Brashear.  

When Spike is not at the Legislature, he is a practicing trial attorney doing general criminal and civil litigation.