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Unchecked Surveillance Tech Puts Privacy at Risk

Nebraskans have a right to privacy and in a world where tracking our activities is easier than ever, communities should be cautious about any plans to expand government use of surveillance technology. When they do move forward on those efforts, you can count on the ACLU of Nebraska to be a watchd

November 2, 2021

Creating a Nebraska for Everyone by Improving Language Access 

A few years ago, we flipped Nebraska's tourism slogan around for a bumper sticker: “Honestly, Nebraska should be for everyone.” It’s a lofty goal given the scope of challenges we face but at the ACLU, we’re committed to putting in the work to ensure that one day we get to a state that really is f

October 25, 2021

After Gov Blocks Release, ACLU Gets Prison Data

In February, Gov. Pete Ricketts joined with Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican, Speaker Mike Hilgers and Senator Steve Lathrop to announce a collaborative effort to address the state’s ongoing mass incarceration crisis.

October 15, 2021